Consignment Program

About The Program

Currently Element Flies is offering a consignment program with shops in Colorado. 

This program starts with us coming in and taking over your whole inventory or a portion of your inventory. When your current inventory of flies runs out we will place our patterns in there place at no cost to you. We will monitor the inventory to make sure you never run out of flies and make sure everything is selling. If there are patterns that are not selling we will remove them and put something else in that should sell better for you.

The goal of this program is to help you reduce the dead inventory and free up your money for other expenses. By letting Element Flies manage your inventory you should be able to reduce your man hours in inventorying, managing and cleaning your displays. Element with track everything you sell and invoice you for all sold flies once a month.

To be eligible for this program you have to have or do the following;

  1. Displays in high traffic area with good lighting.
  2. EIN or sales tax license on file with Element Flies
  3. You must carry insurance to cover any damages to our display case and flies. If we use your display cases then just our flies need to be covered.
  4. Element Flies must have a current credit card on file for security reasons.
  5. Agree to go under contract with us for stocking and inventorying your store.

Display Case Options

Element Flies has two stand options, the first is a doublesided stand with a total of four trays with a maximum of 680 bins. The second is a singlesided stand with two trays with a maximum of 340 bins. The trays with the most bins are good for standard dries, nymphs, small terrestrials and streamers. We also have 100 and 70 bin trays meant for large streamers and hoppers. These can be dropped in during their season and removed afterwards.

Element Flies can also use the displays you currently have.


Invoices can be paid with company check or company credit card.

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